2 Passengers Forced Off Planes In Japan For Not Wearing masks

wo passengers on separate flights were forced to disembark from flights in Japan this month after refusing to wear masks while on board.

One incident occurred Saturday and involved a Hokkaido Air System Company flight from Hakodate to the island of Okushiri, both of which are located in the northern province of Hokkaido.

One man who was not wearing a mask was ordered off the plane by the captain, according to Matsuhiro Ohta, a public relations official with Hokkaido Air System Company, which is a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, delaying the flight by a half hour.

Ohta said that it appeared the issue stemmed from miscommunication — the passenger claimed after he was forced off the flight that he was developing a rash while wearing the masks. However, Ohta said the passenger was unruly and uncooperative and that his refusal to wear a mask was only part of the reason he was not allowed to fly.

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