5 fun ways to get your child to eat at dinner table

A family that eats together, stays together may sound like the perfect thing to do, but try making your little one sit through dinner, and you’ll know what real challenges are made of. But there can always be a good start by making dinner time fun. Here’s how:

Make them part of the dinner preparation: Calling your kids once the food is ready while they are, for instance, glued to a screen is bound to meet with a loud no. Instead, make them part of the process — be it washing vegetables or setting the table. It not only gives them a sense of involvement, but they are also more willing to sit down for it.


Let them have a say: Having a choice in what dishes to cook (as long as it’s not pizzas and sandwiches every day) or even picking a seat goes a long way in getting them to the table. It not only gives them a sense of control but also adds to their excitement of being a part of the process.


It need not be about conversations: Who said dinner time should always be about connecting with family members by talking — asking them how their day was, what they did at school etc.? Dinner time can also be about fun games around colours and alphabet, etc. This way, your kid is also more likely to stick around for longer.


Serve food in fun ways: Read doodles as place mats, food on toothpicks, fun utensils, etc. Turn the table into a restaurant at times or some other setting at time, where the child takes orders. The idea is to keep them engaged throughout the process.


Make them sit for a fixed time: Now it may not always work, and you’ll have to be patient with it. Increase their table time gradually. So you may begin with 10 minutes the first week, which you can take up by a few minutes every 10 days, till they get used to sit-through dinners.


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