5 reasons why you should go on a child-free vacation

No changing diapers, no sending your kid off to school, and most importantly, waking up when you feel like, may seem like a distant dream for most parents. Even then, leaving your little one behind while going on a vacation can drown you in guilt. But trust us when we say taking a child-free vacation is the one favour that you must extend to your kid. Here’s why:

It keeps frustration from building up: You yelling at children and they snapping back leads to exhaustion, which in turns leads to more yelling and more snapping back. Take a few days off your duties as a parent to prevent this frustration from building up.

It takes your conversation beyond kids: More often than not, being parents mean your interaction with your partner revolves around your child. Make up for the lost partner time by reliving those old carefree days by talking to, and just about, each other.

It will make you love your child more: There’s a reason why they say happy couples make for happy parents. A relaxed, rejuvenated you will return reenergised to fulfil your responsibilities as a parent.

Makes kids bond with other family members: Asking your parents or siblings to babysit gives them and your child an opportunity to know each other and bond well. This is not only essential as a family, but it also gives your child their first lessons in social interaction.

Teaches kids responsibility: Even though you will ensure a support system to take care of your kid, your absence makes them learn to do little things on their own — from putting themselves to bed, to packing their schoolbags, having food on their own, and so on.


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