5 ways to stop your child from lying

Listening to your child’s fantasy world stories is one thing, but seeing him lie to you is a different thing altogether. Here’s how you can teach them that honesty is indeed the best policy

Be a role model: The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, they say. So, when you lower your child’s age to buy a ticket, for a free meal, or for an early entry into school, you are actually giving them lessons on how to lie.

Punishment doesn’t work: More often than not, children lie to evade consequences of their action, which mostly is punishment. Give them the space to come and confess, and they may actually not feel the need to cook up stories.

Appreciate the truth: When your child finally gathers courage to walk up to you and tell you the truth, make sure you acknowledge it and appreciate it by hearing them out without judging them or jumping to conclusions.

Solve the problem together: Once your child has confessed, sit with them to look for a solution. It gives them the confidence that they can not only confide in you, but you’ll also actually help them get over it.

Let them make choices: Be it watching television or what clothes to wear, parents often decide everything for their kids. Instead, let them have a little say in these matters, so that they know their opinion is respected too.


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