A woman takes her own life by inhaling charcoal smoke.

A woman takes her own life by inhaling charcoal smoke.

A woman takes her own life by inhaling charcoal smoke.

According to reports, a 48-year-old lady killed herself by breathing in deadly fumes from charcoal burning on her stove.

According to reports, Rose Osore, a Kenyan woman, locked herself in her home after texting her friend Catherine Nyawira to express her frustration with having high blood pressure (HBP).

One police report stated; “Catherine claimed to have received a suicide-related communication from Rose Osore, who has since passed away. The message was saying that she was ready to enter hell because she was sick of her blood pressure illness, which had turned her into a beggar.”

A woman takes her own life by inhaling charcoal smoke.

Osoro sent the SMS around 4:00 in the morning, and her buddy visited her home at 7:30 to see how she was doing.

When Catherine discovered the house was locked from the inside, she tried calling Osoro but got no answer. Osoro was found unconscious with the charcoal stove on her bed by the neighbors she had summoned.

They brought her to a neighboring hospital, where the medical staff determined that she had died from carbon monoxide suffocation. A woman takes her own life by inhaling charcoal smoke.

added in the police report;

“Around 7:30 am, she arrived at the deceased’s house to discover it locked from the inside. There was no response when she called. They busted down the door with the aid of their neighbors and discovered her unresponsive on the bed with a jiko. She was already dead when they got her to the hospital in the area.”

A suicide letter that was addressed to her mother, daughter, and father was found by the police. They also found an open note with the names of those she owed money to as well as those who owed her money. A woman takes her own life by inhaling charcoal smoke.

While the police continue their investigation, the body was brought to the morgue at Mama Lucy Hospital.

A woman takes her own life by inhaling smoke from charcoal.

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