View Victoria and David Beckham’s most beautiful images from their 25-year relationship.The couple has been happily married for more than two decades.

One of the most well-known power couples in the world is David and Victoria Beckham. Join us at HELLO! as we relive some of their most memorable moments through some passionate images.

David Beckham of Manchester United and Victoria Adams of the Spice Girls became one of the most popular couples in the celebrity world after their 1997 encounter. They got married a little under two years later, and the rest, as they say, is history!

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“I was chosen by my wife from a soccer sticker book. And I picked her out of the TV… Right instantly, it seemed as though we were meant to be together “Shortly following their wedding, David wrote about it in his memoirs. However, things haven’t always gone smoothly for the famous pair.

David revealed these marriage truths on the Australian television program The Sunday Project in 2018: “It has always been difficult for us to be married for as long as we have. It becomes little more challenging.”

The couple’s stardom in their early years swiftly increased, in part due to their propensity for attending industry events dressed alike.

They quickly became the most talked-about couple in the nation, earning the moniker Posh and Becks from the tabloids that followed their every move.
On January 25, 1998, David got down on one knee and proposed to Victoria by placing a three-carat marquise-cut sparkler from Boodle and Dunthorpe on her ring finger.

The sportsman also bought himself a similar engagement band studded with 96 diamonds to commemorate the event. Total price for both rings is £200,000. The pair took a romantic getaway to Marbella, Spain, soon after sharing the joyous news of their engagement.


When he and Victoria announced the birth of their baby in March 1999, the entire country rejoiced. Because they were in the New York neighborhood when they learned they were expecting, they gave the newborn boy the name Brooklyn. A pattern would start with the expanding Beckham family because of this.
In July 1999, the couple was beaming with joy when they posed for a portrait in front of their house. With good reason, too.

They were set to board a flight for Ireland to say “I do.” The nation’s most well-known pair exchanged vows at the grand Luttrellstown Castle on the Emerald Isle, with David’s teammate Gary Neville serving as best man and little Brooklyn serving as ring bearer.
They exchanged vows in front of a celebrity-studded wedding party that included the Spice Girls, Bobby Charlton, and David Seaman while the bride donned a white Vera Wang design. A single dove was released as a sign of their union as husband and wife.

Later that year, they spent £7.5 million for a home in Hertfordshire that the media called Beckingham Palace, giving rise to the “Brand Beckham” name.


As their son Romeo was born in London in 2002, they were able to celebrate being parents for a second time. David exclaimed, “You’re always anxious having children, but it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, so we’re both pleased,” outside the hospital. And he said, “It’s just a name we adore,” when asked about the strange name.

In-demand David was acquired by Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid the next year for a cool £25 million. Naturally, the entire fam upped and moved to the Spanish capital.

The Queen awarded David an OBE the same year, and naturally, Victoria was there to recognize his accomplishment.
The marriage of the seemingly ideal pair was upended in 2004 by shocking reports that the player had been having an affair with his helper Rebecca Loos, who lived in Madrid (above left). Following a media frenzy over what analysts dubbed the greatest story since Princess Diana’s passing, David released a statement denouncing the accusations as “ludicrous.”
After putting the incident behind them, they had their third son, Cruz, in February of the following year. “He’s handsome, healthy, and his mother is excellent, so our family is extremely content. He has Victoria’s nose and lips “happy father David stated.

The Beckhams’ turbulent time in Madrid came to an end when they relocated to Los Angeles in July 2007, solidifying their position as A-list celebrities. David had committed to playing for the LA Galaxy.

They quickly made a wide range of Hollywood pals, including Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes and Will Smith and his wife Jada, shortly after their arrival.
The Beckham family, seen in New York, was quickly seen to be adoring their new life in America. Victoria had responsibilities with the Spice Girls, who had regrouped and started a sold-out global tour in December 2007, but their marriage appeared to be stronger than ever. Additionally, their boys had adapted well to life in America.

“We adore being here. The children are safe, and the weather is nice “stated the fashionista. “The fact that men and women are treated equally in America and that there are no limits to your professional potential is also important. Thus, I believe we will stay here for a long.”

When Victoria gave birth to Harper Seven, the first daughter to join the Beckham family, the entire family was ecstatic. The former Spice Girl wrote, “Newborn Harper is the most gorgeous baby girl I have ever seen.” “I’ve had a fresh love affair. We are quite fortunate, and the boys adore their little sister so much.”

For Victoria, there was no maternity leave. The mother-of-four quickly returned to her fashion label’s marketing campaign, taking Harper along on travels to China and New York Fashion Week.


After more than twenty years in the game, David made his formal retirement from football known in 2013. According to a statement he made: “Playing the game I love will never be entirely replaced by anything. But I feel like I’m beginning a new journey, and I’m eager to see what comes next. I’ve been blessed with numerous chances during my career, and now I feel it’s time for me to give something back.”

The Beckhams made a second trip back to the UK this year and bought a luxurious home in West London.
David accepted more lucrative offers once he retired. The father of four introduced Haig Club, his own whisky, in 2014. Due to her fashionable sense, Victoria established her own apparel boutique on London’s Dover Street, much to the joy of many followers.

Victoria was also recognized as the most prosperous businessperson in the UK in 2014. Based on strong sales, the amount of jobs she has generated, and her projected total worth, the former Spice Girl who is now a fashion designer came out on top of the list developed for business journal Management Today. Victoria’s fashion company had a 300% increase in revenue in just five years, from £1 million to £30 million.

Victoria was compelled to deny any claims that her marriage was in peril after they celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in 2015, stating that they “had nothing to prove.”

She said to Grazia: “I am fortunate to be married to a fantastic man and have three gorgeous, healthy, and happy kids. Yes, we travel frequently for our own companies and humanitarian endeavors, but we always find time for our relationship as a marriage and family.”

Added her: “We don’t have anything to prove, David and I. We adore one another, watch out for one another, and are dependable as partners and parents.”

Now that they both have Instagram profiles, the couple posts diverse photos from their homes and tributes to one another on significant anniversaries. Victoria was the first to share her heartfelt remembrance on their 17th wedding anniversary in 2016, posting a photo of her cuddling David soon after becoming Mrs. Beckham. She penned: “I feel very lucky and adored. Love, my best buddy. The most wonderful man who motivates me every day. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest husband and father! The Happiest Ever After.”

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