CAN President Urges Nigerian Government To Overhaul Security Apparatus

The President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev Samson Ayokunle, has urged the Federal Government to immediately overhaul the security apparatus of the country.

Ayokunle, who made the call at the Wedding Solemnisation of Rev William Okoye and Mrs Toyin Bello, at the All Christians Fellowship Mission (ACFM), Maitama, in Abuja on Sunday.

He stressed that the security situation in the country was frightening and called for urgent attention.

He said the security report given by the U.S embassy warned that Iswap and al qaeda were already in the north eastern part of the country and we could see their hands already.

”Just a week ago, 14 members of a Baptist church in Kogi state were slaughtered overnight. Nobody is safe. These radicals can attack from any angle. The people of this nation deserve to live their lives in maximum security.

”The government has to up its game. No more excuses and no more sympathies for people that have died. We can’t allow more people to keep dying,” he said.

Archbishop John Praise, Founder, Dominion Chapel International Church, urged Christians to keep their faith alive and keep praying for God to reposition the country towards the right part.

”We have to keep our faith alive and keep trusting the Lord. We shouldn’t be weary. I believe our faith will keep us afloat regardless of what is happening currently.

Former Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission, Rev Tor Uja, insisted that God made Nigeria for a purpose and would not abandon the country no matter the travails.

Uja, who urged the church to continue praying for the country so the purpose of God would show forth, added that despite the difficulties, there is opportunity in all of these.

”I will like the federal government to return to its programme, focusing on nationalism and infrastructure. This way we will build the nation where all Nigerians are important because every Nigerian, rich or poor is important to the programme of God.

”We need an all hands on deck situation, to properly deal with COVID-19 in Nigeria. Everyone should be involved in rebuilding the country. There’s too much monologues going on between the government of the people.

”There should be more dialogues where Nigerians take ownership of the management of the problem. We are coming out of this a greater nation and will become a blessing to the entire world,” he said.

Uja further called for the suspension of pilgrimage until next year, so that when we resume, we are ready and strong, COVID-19 would have been tackled, finances put together, and the people can be rallied together purposefully.

Lady Akpan Robert, a member of ACFM, who expressed joy towards the union of Rev Okoye and Mrs Bello, noted that it was time for Rev Okoye to move on with life.

”Daddy did all that he could. All through mummy’s sickness, he was praying day and night. God has taken mummy to heaven but daddy is still alive. Biblically he has the right to remarry,” she said

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