Cardi B celebrates her new home in New York

Cardi B has just acquire a new home for her family few weeks after her husband bought her a $1.5 million property in Dominican Republic as a gift on her birthday in October.

As at Tuesday, the rapper and mother of two posted the news on instagram that she has bought a home in New York City. She was glad having her own house in her home city, she posted a picture of herself inside her new home.

Cardi B said; “These days I don’t just live one place, I’m everywhere due to work. One thing for sure I needed a home in my home city New York! I’m so proud of myself. I work so hard for my children to be comfortable everywhere they are regardless of work.”

She also said that she and her husband Offset have been wanting to have their own house in their home city, NY. Meanwhile, the couple also have houses in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

“Now having a home in NY, I can have get togethers with my family all the time!!” she concluded. “I have accomplished so many things yet I still feel far from all the goals I want to accomplish. This is one dream I can cross off…..Let me know if ya’ll want a mini tour!”

To Cardi B all the best!

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