Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

According to Emily Ratajkowski, the paparazzi have made it difficult to carry out her casual dating strategy.

The model and actress claims that the natural process of getting to know the men she has been hanging out with lately has been “screwed up” by photographers.

As you may recall, the model has been spotted out on outings with Pete Davidson, DJ Orazio Rispo, Jack Greer, and Eric André after announcing her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard last fall.

Ratajkowski said during her “High Low” podcast;

It’s been challenging for me to date casually and avoid getting picked up while also being somewhat aware of the folks I’m seeing.

“Whenever I continue another date, everybody knows. So the other guys I’m dating see it, and it has been kind of difficult because of course they’re like, ‘Didn’t talk to her last night,’ and then there’s pictures of me out to dinner with someone else. It sucks.”

The “My Body” author admitted that she also doesn’t “necessarily want to know” when the men she’s seeing go out with other people.

Ratajkowski further revealed that the experience has been “tricky to navigate,” adding that it causes her “so much anxiety,” and she often ends up feeling “embarrassed” and “apologizing.”

In some cases, she said romances have fizzled out or completely halted because they “got out there too fast, and the pressure of it all became so heightened.”

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