In spite of its current battle against the ravaging novel coronavirus which has claimed close to two thousand lives (mainly Chinese), China has continued preparation for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) to be held in Beijing.

According to Xinhua, the Beijing Organizing Committee of the event held a high-level video conference on Monday with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the preparations.

“After the coronavirus outbreak, president Thomas Bach sent letters to the Chinese Olympic Committee, expressing his confidence that the Games’ preparations will not be affected. Mr. Samaranch Jr. extended high praise over China’s effort to contain the epidemic and his confidence in its victory. Although we did not meet in person in recent days, BOCOG has been keeping in close communications with Mr. Samaranch Jr., Mr. Dubi and other IOC officials, reporting important updates,” the news medium quoted Zhang Jiandong, Beijing vice mayor and BOCOG executive vice president.

It’s also reported that construction of the National Sleigh and Luge Center in Yanqing was not suspended during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Workers and operation team for the National Alpine Skiing Center in the Yanqing competition zone returned to work after a two-day brief break during the holidays to make sure the track and the snow meet Olympic standards.

Statistics were also said to have been collected over how the temperature, sunlight and wind speed affect the snow and cable car.

The manager of the construction company in charge of the National Alpine Skiing Center was reported to have said workers were taking body temperature and wearing masks to continue working on daily basis.

He also said offices, cafeteria, dormitories, and shuttle buses were disinfected, and that migrant workers that returned to Beijing were under quarantine as required.

He added that strict control and management were also practiced at the construction site of the National Speed Skating Oval, or the “Ice Ribbon”, in the Beijing competition Zone.China’s halfpipe national team players are also said to be training at the Genting Snow Park to prepare for Beijing 2022, with other national teams also under training behind closed doors.