COVID -19: Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 6501, Cases 170,000 Worldwide

Coronavirus global death toll reached 6,501 Monday morning, with Italy accounting for 1,809, more than 50 percent of the 3,199 deaths recorded till date in China, where the virus began late in 2019.

The number of cases also ballooned, 169,360 in 157 countries in the world. More people have now died of the virus outside of China, than in China itself.

With the epicentre of the virus shifting to Europe, Italy remains the most hit, with 24,747 cases. The country recorded 3590 new cases in 24 hours on Sunday, and 359 deaths.

Spain followed Italy in the coronavirus cases with 7,845, out of which 1,454 were recorded in a single day. The country, where the wife of the Prime Minister is in self-isolation after testing positive, has 292 deaths so far.

Germany’s coronavirus status worsened with 1214 cases recorded on Sunday, taking its infection tally to 5613, slightly more than the 5423 cases recorded in France. In France 924 cases were logged in a single day.

Switzerland had 824 new cases on Sunday and it now has a new total of 2217; United Kingdom has 1,391 cases, with 251 of them new. Norway has 1254 cases, Netherlands 1,135, Sweden 1040 and Belgium 886.

Outside of Europe, coronavirus infections got worse in Iran with 13938 cases, the third biggest in the world, after China(80849) and Italy. So far, 749 people have died in the country, some of them top government officials.

In the USA, coroavirus infections were on the rage as well. The total now is 3668. According to data provided by worldometers, which has been keeping tab on the global infections.

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