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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend to star in Netflix documentary about their life together

Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend to famous football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo recently landed a Netflix documentary spot chronicling her life with the Portuguese international goal scorer.

The program titled “I Am Georgina” documents how the Spanish model went from being an au-pair in Bristol, England to becoming the significant other and child bearer to their 3 year old Alana Martina, in addition to the footballer’s other 3 kids.

Alvaro Diaz, Netflix Spain’s Director of Entertainment had this to say about Georgina’s upcoming project: “Georgina is totally honest and ­recognizes in the documentary how her life changed from having nothing to ­absolutely everything”.

“She was a normal young woman whose life changed dramatically one day. She was leaving work and crossed paths with the love of her life. Who has not dreamed of that?”

Georgina was raised in North-East Spain, however her life has been fraught with family challenges. Her mother Ana died from a car crash in 2011, whilst her father Jorge, an ex-footballer died in 2019, aged 71, after serving 10 years in jail for cocaine trafficking.

A beautiful lady with a healthy work ethic from a tender age. At the age of 17, she worked as a nanny for a family in Bristol, she also posted online images of her local gym and of herself cycling around Bath, England, and visiting famous landmarks such as the London Eye & Big Ben.

She later left England for Spain, where she worked as a shop-assistant in a Gucci store in Madrid, Spain.

It was in 2016, whilst working in Spain, that she met Ronaldo, who at that time was playing for Real Madrid. Their relationship blossomed from there.

Ronaldo tells viewers: “It was a split-second moment. I never thought it would be that big as to fall in love with her, I really didn’t expect it. Georgina is the woman I am totally in love with.”

The Netflix documentary showcases visual images of Georgina boarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet, picking jewellery, and having a good time with their kids, at a Marbella music festival.

Georgina had this to say: “I am 27 years old now, when 5 years ago my life changed for the better. The day I met Cristiano was a Thursday in the summer, just as I was leaving the shop when I bumped into a handsome man almost two metres tall”

She introduces ­herself to Netflix viewers by claiming: “Many people know my name, but few know who I am.”

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