Dad Puts Listening Device In Daughter’s Hair To Catch Teacher In The Act

Tomas Valero saw his daughter crying every single day after school. He could tell that there was something wrong.

When he finally learned what was going on, it took him by complete surprise. Before this happened, he had to resort to sneaky means. What did this concerned father do to bring the truth to light?

Starting School

It is not easy for kids when they have to start school. It is often a big adjustment, so parents need to support the child as much as they can. No matter how good the teacher, or how nice the other students are, it is always a big change for little ones.

If adjusting to school is hard enough, a rude teacher will make things much more difficult for a student. When Tomas noticed his daughter having a hard time at school, he knew it was time to figure out what was going on.Without a doubt, every parent out there wants nothing less than the best for their kids. So it is only natural for a parent to feel concerned when they see their little one in pain. Tomas is one of those parents, so he understandably became worried when his young daughter wasn’t acting herself.

She Became More Emotional

He realized that his child started to act more emotional after she started at a new school. In the beginning, he thought it was nothing more than a case of nerves. However, he realized that there was more to the story.Tomas became extremely worried when crying and asking to stay home became a regular occurrence for his little girl. Each morning began with the same routine, and Tomas couldn’t live with it any longer.Days became months, and it soon became clear to him that his daughter no longer had any excitement or joy whatsoever. She was starting to get more scared as the days went by and frequently protested attending school.

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