Darrell Blocker Being Considered By Joe Biden As The Head Of CIA; To Become First Black Person To Hold The Position If Appointed

Joe Biden is getting the members of his cabinet ready as inauguration day nears and has reportedly made a historic decision regarding the appointment of the new head of the CIA.

Several sources reveal that Darrell Blocker is reportedly at the top of the list to become the new Director of the CIA, which would make him the first black person to hold the highly esteemed position.

According to FOX News, President-elect Joe Biden ponders over who he will choose as the Director of the CIA, Darrell Blocker is in the lead of the position.

Blocker, one of the highest-serving persons of color to have served in the clandestine service, is a retired 32-year U.S. intelligence community veteran who was reportedly approached about the CIA position days after the election, as discussions are still ongoing.

Darrell Blocker who was a spy for decades, is qualified for the position, racking up honors and experience in his decades-long career.

He was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal upon his retirement, having served four years as an Air Force analyst and an additional 28 years as an operations officer in the CIA, including nine within the executive ranks of the Senior Intelligence Service, including as Chief of Station and Chief of Africa Division.

In addition, he is also highly proficient in French and has spent 22 years living and working in Asia, Africa, Europe and South Asia for the CIA and the United States Air Force.

Blocker currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for multinational security firm MOSAIC and on the board for two nonprofits pertaining to preventing “the exploitation of youth in foster care (Peace4Kids.org) and the human trafficking of youth and women (HumanSlavery.com.)”

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