Father Accused Of Weighing His Daughter Every Day And Forcing Her To Sign A Contract Of Never Getting Fat

A 56-year-old father from Windsor, Berkshire has been arraigned in court after reportedly ‘forcing his daughter to sign a lifetime contract promising to never get fat’.

The jury also heard how Rachid Khadla weighed his daughter almost daily and ruled his family with terrifying discipline.

Khadla who is facing charges of child cruelty and assault over his treatment of his now adult daughter Amira and sons Hicham and Karim, was accused of forcing his daughter to sign the contract in 2012. 

The agreement read; 

“I, Amira Khadla, will never let myself get fat.

“I will do lots of exercise to make sure I will never get fat, even until I die.” 

His wife of 27 years Sarah supported the police prosecution, claiming he had a ‘quick temper’ and would get angry for no reason towards their three children, who are now grown up. 

23-year-old Amira also told the court how her ‘controlling’ father decided what she could wear, who she could see, who she could talk to, and what she could watch on television. She said she was “fearful” of her father who constantly put her down, calling her stupid, a failure and telling her she was rubbish.

It was also learnt that when Amira was just nine years old, he threw a chair at her which left a lump behind her ear. Her father reportedly lied to doctors, claiming the injury was caused by a football. 

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