Gary Busey Reacts To Sex Crime Charges Says, “Nothing Happened”

In response to sex offense allegations, Gary Busey says nothing happened.

Actor Gary Busey of the United States has responded to claims that he committed sexual offenses.
Following the August 12–14 Monster Mania Convention, 78-year-old Busey is accused of numerous offenses, including two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact.
However, he has refuted allegations that he inappropriately touched two women during the “Monster-Mania” conference in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. this month’s early.

On Monday, August 22, he said to TMZ that “nothing happened” with the two women who had accused him and that he had no “regrets” about his behavior during the conference.
Gary Busey responds to the sex offense charge by saying, “Nothing occurred.”

The encounter with the “two girls” “took less than 10 seconds,” the “Under Siege” actor continued, before “they fled.”
He asserted that “his partner and the camerawoman” were his witnesses before asserting that “nothing happened” after they “made their story.”
One day after being charged, in a strange turn of events, Busey was seen by paparazzi pulling his pants down in a Californian park.

He was seen in the video lounging on a seat in Malibu’s Point Dume Park while wearing sweatpants that went about his knees. He crossed his hands over his legs and untied his jeans, pulling them up properly.

Busey’s reason for being partially undressed is unknown, although it is not the first time he has done so in public. He allegedly repeated the action several times while competing in the 2014 season of “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK.

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