Healthy choices for the whole family

If you’re just waking up, you probably haven’t eaten in at least 10 hours. Don’t head out before fueling up! A healthy breakfast can give you and your kids a sharper mind, more energy, and better total nutrition for the day. A balanced breakfast includes protein, carbs, and fiber.

Before heading out for the day, take a brisk 30-minute walk around your neighborhood. You’ll feel invigorated, and you’ll chip away at the 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity that we need every week. Morning exercise may help you lower your blood pressure and daily levels of triglycerides (unhealthy fats) in your system. As a bonus, you may sleep better at night, too.

Overloaded backpacks and purses can strain or injure muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back. Backpacks shouldn’t contain more than 10% to 15% of the wearer’s weight. Snack smart and bringing lunch from home lets you control calories and portion sizes. Back pain is one of the top reasons people under age 45 stay home from work. Good posture is key to preventing back pain. If you work at a desk, as many of us do, put a foot rest under your chair and adjust your computer monitor so it’s right in front of you. Get up and stretch several times a day.

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