How to clean and care for babies ears

t’s important to keep your baby’s ears clean. You can clean the outer ear and the skin around it while you bathe your baby. All you’ll need is a washcloth or cotton ball and some warm water

It’s not safe to use cotton swabs or to stick anything inside your baby’s ear. If you notice earwax inside the ear, you don’t need to remove it.

Earwax is healthy for your baby because it’s protecting, lubricating, and has antibacterial properties. Removing it can cause potentially harmful damage.

Read on to learn steps for cleaning your baby’s ears, plus safety tips.

How to clean baby’s ears

To clean your baby’s ears on a daily or regular basis, you’ll need a cotton ball that’s been soaked with warm water. You can also use a gentle washcloth with some warm (not hot) water.

To clean baby’s ears:

  1. Wet the washcloth or cotton ball with warm water.
  2. Ring out the washcloth well, if using.
  3. Gently wipe behind baby’s ears and around the outside of each ear.

Never stick the washcloth or cotton ball inside your baby’s ear. This can cause damage to the ear canal.



The safest rule to keep in mind is that if you see any waxy buildup or discharge on the outside of the ear, use a warm, wet washcloth to gently wipe it away.

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