Imbibing a saving culture in 2020

Having a good and  effective Saving culture is important for financial freedom specially in a new year like this.

The trick to saving is to be practical and committed.

We have 365 days in a year. Here are some practical  tips to achieve a great savings this 2020Image result for family pictures

100 naira daily—— 36,500 naira
200 naira daily—— 73,000
300 naira daily—— 109,500
500 naira daily—— 182,500
1,000 naira daily—— 365,000
1500 naira daily—— 547,500
2,000 naira daily—— 730,000
2,500 naira daily—— 912,500
3,000 naira daily—— 1,095,000

Choose anyone u can be consistent with, meet a good carpenter to help u construct a piggy bank.

Which will you  be starting now? Make it fun get the whole family to start also

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