Jayden Spears Britney Spears' 15-year-old son has discussed his connection with his mother

“It’s fixable,” Son of Britney Spear talks about broken relationship with mom.

Jayden Spears, Britney Spears’ 15-year-old son, has discussed his connection with his mother for the first time in public.

In an August interview with ITV news, Kevin Federline, Britney’s ex, stated that his teenage sons, Jayden, 15, and Sean, 16, hadn’t seen their mother in months.

Kevin, who was Britney’s husband from 2004 to 2007, said to ITV: “The boys have made the decision that they will not visit her right now. They haven’t seen her in a few months. They decided against attending her wedding.”

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the lads will soon talk about their bond with their singer mother.

Jayden acknowledges in the interview that “it will take a lot of time and effort” for them to mend their connection with Britney and that it will run on ITV News on Friday, September 2.

I am positive that this can be fixed, he asserts. Just a lot of time and work will be required. All I want is for her mental health to improve. I want to see her again as soon as she recovers.

Jayden Spears Britney Spears' 15-year-old son has discussed his connection with his mother
Britney Spear and sons

The teen said to Britney, addressing his mother specifically, “I love you a lot and I wish for the best for you.

“Perhaps one day we can sit down and have a normal chat again.”

It happens after Fernando Flores, 41, a former security for the singer, claimed Sean and Jayden were happy while they were with their father.

I’m sorry to say this, but the fact that she no longer sees her children doesn’t surprise me, he remarked.

“I always thought that once kids were old enough, they would decide not to stay with her,” he continued.

Kevin gave the guys a typical life, but Britney was unable to provide the same for the boys. The truth is that she couldn’t even care for herself at the time, much less her children, because her life was so chaotic.

I believe that she had a deep-seated desire to be a good mother and that she enjoyed the concept of spending time with her children.

But she had a propensity to gravitate into cronies who weren’t looking out for her best interests.

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