Juventus and France footballer Paul Pogba

Footballer Paul Pogba held hostage by ‘armed gang’ who demanded £11m which was ‘organised by his brother and friends’

Paul Pogba, a football player for Juventus and France, reportedly told French police about an alleged conspiracy to extort him by a gang that kidnapped him in March of this year and demanded £11 million while threatening him with assault guns.

The 29-year-old former Manchester United player, who played for France in the World Cup, claimed that his own older brother Mathias Pogba organized the men.

Paul Pogba said Matthias Pogba and the group followed him to Manchester and demanded payment for “security services” that dated back 13 years.

Two stints at Manchester United, the last of which ended in June 2022, were purportedly among the 10 years that the two armed men “protected” Pogba.

On Sunday, August 28, the French Justice system also announced the opening of an investigation into “attempted extortion in an organized gang.”

According to a person familiar with the investigation, Pogba’s “big brother and childhood buddies” have all been listed as suspects, Franceinfo said on Sunday night.

The shocking information comes after his brother Mathias, who played for Wrexham, Crewe, and Crawley Town during his time in English football, made a weird Twitter video on Saturday night in which he threatened to divulge “explosive” information regarding Paul Pogba.

The French squad and Juventus, my brother’s teammates and his sponsors deserve to know certain things,’ he said, as well as the French public, English public, Italian public, and Spanish public, or the entire world.

“So that I may decide for myself if he deserves the public’s love, respect, and affection.

“If he deserves to represent France at the World Cup and to earn his spot on the team.” If Juventus will start him if he merits it.

If he is a reliable individual, any player should value having him at his side.

Then, on Sunday night, Mathias refuted allegations that he had orchestrated a scheme to blackmail his brother.

He posted on Twitter and stated;

“Paul, you truly wanted to silence me entirely so that you could lie and throw me in jail. Now that it’s true, as I suspected, my account of the events actually occurred, unlike you.”

Pogba’s colleague at France, Kylian Mbappe, was also mentioned by Mathias, who charged Pogba with ”withcraft”.

Along with his two brothers Mathias and Florentin, who are both professional football players, Paul Pogba was born and reared in Lagny-sur-Marne by Guinean parents.

a Parisian judicial source told the news portal Franceinfo;

Investigators from the Central Office of Judicial Police Combating Organized Crime said that he was cornered by two hooded individuals carrying assault guns and two childhood pals.
Pogba claimed the gang had been threatening him for four months and demanded €13 million, or £11 million.

According to reports, Pogba said that intimidation was practiced in Manchester in April and afterwards in and around Turin, where he currently represents Juventus.

At the end of March, the gang reportedly brought Pogba to an apartment in the Lagny-sur-Marne neighborhood of Paris, where Pogba was raised, and accused him of failing to support them financially ever since he turned pro.

Paul Pogba claimed during police interviews that he was always close to and helped his childhood buddies out financially when he could.

However, he expelled one from his Manchester home in January after learning that he had stolen €200,000 ($170,000), or £170,000, using his credit card.

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