Kamala Harris says she will happily run alongside Joe Biden in 2024.

Kamala Harris says she will happily run alongside Joe Biden in 2024.

Even as a rising number of their fellow Democrats begin to question President Joe Biden’s plans for 2024, US Vice President Kamala Harris has reiterated her support for Biden’s re-election campaign. Kamala Harris says she will happily run alongside Joe Biden in 2024.

On September 11, Harris attempted to avoid commenting specifically on the Justice Department’s shocking probe into Donald Trump’s handling of secret documents during a lengthy interview on NBC News’ Meet The Press.

She did, however, mention that “people are going to seek justice” in a broad sense, referencing her prior experience as a US prosecutor, and she added that they would be doing so “rightly.”

Concerns have been expressed about how it seems for a Democrat president’s administration to investigate a political competitor since since the FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida in August, should the former president publicly declare his 2024 candidacy.

When asked if Biden intended to run again after the midterm elections in November, Harris responded, “Listen, the president has been pretty clear that he intends to run again.”

And if he does, I will gladly run with him, she said in the recorded conversation.

On election day in 2024, the president will be 81 years old, breaking the previous record.

Whether or how Harris and Biden addressed the “worst case scenario” of his passing while in office was kept a secret. Kamala Harris says she will happily run alongside Joe Biden in 2024.

“I hope not,” you say. And pay attention, I believe there is no doubt that the vice president’s position carries a lot of weight and responsibility. And nobody is more aware of that than Joe Biden. The vice president added, “He and I discuss it.”

‘And it is my responsibility to work with the president, doing what I can to be a great partner, to take on and help take on some of the most significant challenges that influence our country, both domestically and in terms of foreign policy,’ the president said. So that’s what I do for a living.

And without a doubt, unlike the previous administration, the president, myself, and our administration have taken great effort to ensure that there is no doubt about any involvement with the choices the Department of Justice takes.

Let me try to go to 60,000 feet,’ the host said. What response do you have to the claim that prosecuting a former president would be too polarizing for the nation?

The vice president responded, “I believe that our nation has experienced various times when the unthinkable has occurred, where there has been a need for justice, and where justice has been served.”

And I believe that the people in our nation will conceivably always demand justice, as they have a right to do.

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