Kim Kardashian Displays Her Modern Office with Natural Tone

Kim Kardashian, a reality celebrity, business magnate, and greige enthusiast, has consistently favored neutral hues and minimalism in her interior design decisions. The locations of her shapewear brand, Skims, and skincare line, Skkn by Kim, are no exception. Kardashian provides an inside look at the stylish workspace, which was created by AD100 grads Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez in association with Michèle Lamy of Rick Owens. The tour was recently uploaded to Kardashian’s YouTube page. The Kardashians star said of Lamy, “She did all the furnishings and helped me come up with everything that I would possibly need and enjoy for this large area.”

Mockups of the Skkn package constructed out of actual stone are shown by Kardashian in her personal office within the about 40,000 square foot area as a reference for the final designs. The offices, which have a ton of concrete, natural masonry, and neutral colors, are filled with echoes of those unpolished and earthy designs.

Kim Kardashian Displays Her Modern Office with Natural Tone

Kardashian explains in the video that one of her favorite Rick Owens pieces in the room is a cavernous lounge area, a tiered earth-hued affair that was intended to be an office-appropriate version of a Rick Owens bed (Kardashian later reveals that she has an alabaster Rick Owens bed in her home, of which only three were created).

This artwork seems to be variations on the Glade Bench by the designer, a walled seating arrangement made of plywood and wool army blankets that was inspired by the way sunlight filters through forested treetops. The entire workplace is furnished with complementary alabaster Rick Owens pieces, including two enormous creamy white benches that were created in 2014 in a limited edition run of eight.

Donald Judd tables and a matched fleet of his classic Chair 84 chairs can be found in the open-plan kitchen area. Before entering a conference room with an alabaster Rick Owens table and Jeanneret chairs that Kardashian bleached to match her style, Kardashian says, “I’ve really gotten into furniture lately.

If you know anything about furniture, it’s blasphemous that I did that, she says of the changed chairs, which were initially intended to serve as seats for public buildings in Chandigarh, India, in the 1950s. The chairs are now highly sought-after collectibles. Each of the sturdy teak and cane seats is easily worth over $7,000. As unwaveringly and consistently as ever in her design decisions, Kardashian remarked, “I adore it, I stand by my decision, and I believe they visually look really nice.”

Watch the video down below.

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