Lee Hak Joo and a non-celebrity girlfriend are getting married

Lee Hak Joo and his non-celebrity girlfriend to get married

Lee Hak Joo is tying the knot!

Lee Hak Joo will marry in November, according to a statement released by his management company, SM C&C, on August 13.

Here is the official statement in its entirety:

This is the SM C&C agency for actor Lee Hak Joo.

We want to thank everyone who has supported actor Lee Hak Joo throughout his career and share some exciting news with you today.

Lee Hak Joo will begin a new chapter in his life in November of this year. The future bride, a non-celebrity, has committed to become Lee Hak Joo’s lifelong partner out of abiding love and trust for him.

The wedding will take place in private at a gathering of close family members. In order for them to give their blessings discreetly and reverently, we kindly beg for your understanding that we are unable to reveal the specifics of the timetable.

We would like to ask for your continuous support and interest in actor Lee Hak Joo, who will grow his life as the leader of a family and an actor who constantly puts his heart into acting.

I’m grateful.

In 2012, Lee Hak Joo made his screen debut in the movie “Sweet Sorrow.” His outstanding performances in plays including “The World of the Married,” “My Name,” and “Political Fever” earned him positive accolades.

Happy wedding to Lee Hak Joo and his future wife!

Check out Lee Hak Joo in “Sweet Munchies” below:

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