The importance of a stable Homefront on children

e all know how important it is to have a stable home not just for the parents but also for the kids.

I am pleased to share an article from one of the experts of Family Affairs Blog – Mrs Funso Adegbola  (Nee Ige).

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What is an ideal Stable home front.

  1. Happy and peaceful home, with loving husband and wife.
  2. Well-balanced children who are of excellent character and brilliant academically.
  3. Stability- spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically
  4. Balance in all roles, self-confident and organised
  5. Intentional and committed parenting

What are the Factors that affect stability of the home?

  1. Unequal yoke not only spiritually. Financial inequality and instability
  2. Domestic violence. Sexual abuse and emotional abuse
  3. Alcoholism and drug abuse
  4. Divorce. Polygamy and Polyandry.
  5. stable-home-4Children are the heritage of the Lord. This implies they are precious and to be treasured.
    Nurtured with Christian values and Godly character, so that when they are old, they will not depart from it.
    Children’s Rights to life, education, health, identity, protection etcParents and families are the first society in which children are born.
    It is the duty of parents to bring up well-balanced children who will be of great benefit to themselves, their families and the society.

    Studies have shown that God’s ideal is for stable children in a stable home. Children who are the head and not the tail. A joy and blessing to their generation. Parenting is a skill that can be learnt, so even if you didn’t have a stable background, you can break that curse or jinx. Children who come from stable homes perform much better in school and are well-behaved, self-confident and are good at forming healthy relationships.

    Homes where the father loves his wife and is ready to lay his life for her, where the mother loves and respects her husband and both of them submit to the Lordship of God; where children are raised in an atmosphere of love and peace.

    Studies show that when children see and experience love in their homes, it is easier to understand and receive God’s unconditional love in all its love and breadth.

    However, all isn’t lost if you didn’t have that ideal foundation of stable Mother and Father. Psychological research has shown that the minimum a child needs to thrive and be stable, is the love and support of a significant adult, whether biologically related or not. I am sure we know of many stable children raised by a single parent or relative, or even sometimes a guardian like the Priest or Teacher.

    That stable Homefront:  homefront can be extended beyond the physical walls of the home, to the environment in which a child is raised, is key to a child’s future success- most of the time we mirror our life’s experience, after all, we can only give what we have!

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