The UK Warns All Vacations Could Be Canceled For 2021

Booking any kind of summer travel escape became an even bigger gamble for millions of British people on Wednesday as the government warned that even staycations could be under threat until vaccinations are completed. After officials previously signaled that a foreign trip may not be possible during 2021, UK transport minister, Grant Shapps, says that even a break on home soil may now be out of the question.

The news came after the nation’s health minister, Matt Hancock, announced that arrivals to the UK who lie about visiting a destination on its Covid “red list” may face up to 10 years in prison or a £10,000 ($13,800) fine.”Until we know the route out of lockdown, which we can’t know until we have more data, more information on vaccines as well, please don’t go ahead and book holidays,” Shapps said during a BBC interview early Wednesday. He went on to say it was too early to paint a clear picture about what restrictions would be in place by summer, advising travelers to sit tight and “do nothing” until things are clearer. When questioned about the minister’s comments during a televised coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was “too early” to say whether summer holidays would be going ahead this year.” I understand why people want to make plans now, but we’re just going to have to be a bit more patient,” he said, before indicating that the UK government would be sharing more information on the subject during the last week of February. The transport minister’s warning came as a disappointment to many UK holidaymakers, who had hoped that the nation’s speedy coronavirus vaccine rollout would pave the way for vacations abroad later in the year. However, he stressed that the UK, which has administered more than 13 million Covid-19 jabs, will have to wait for other destinations to “catch up.”

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