Todd McCarthy On Clint Eastwood Turned 90

With all the other good fortune that’s fallen upon Clint Eastwood—great looks and talent, for starters—the one that calls out to be noted today is his extraordinary longevity.

Sunday, May 31st marks the man’s 90th birthday, a landmark exceptional in itself—most of us would be thrilled to make it anywhere near that threshold of life, not to mention being in such good shape to enjoy it. Congratulations, and happy birthday, Clint!

Beyond simply making it to this enviable life landmark, remaining lucid and able to stand on one’s two feet, there’s the uncommon blessing of being able to do what one loves doing and still be good at it. Not many can claim this pleasure or distinction, so it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate and assess what Clint (as essentially everyone calls him whether they know him or not) has pulled off at this cherishable moment.

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