Trump Casts Doubt On The Legitimacy Of The Election And Refuses To Condemn White Supremacists In Chaotic Debate

At the end of a rancorous and chaotic debate — in which President Donald Trump tried to bulldoze challenger Joe Biden with insults, slashing interruptions and callous attacks on Biden’s family .

the President questioned the legitimacy of the November election, refused to say whether he would concede should he lose and declined to forcefully condemn White supremacists.

As Trump was wrapping up a nearly unwatchable 90 minutes in which his interruptions often made it impossible for viewers to follow what the two men were talking about, moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump whether he would urge his supporters to “stay calm and” avoid any civil unrest, and would pledge not to “declare victory until the election has been independently certified.”

“I’m urging supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully,” Trump said, on a night where he continued his unfounded attacks on voting by mail. “If it’s a fair election, I am 100% on board.

But if I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that.”Biden, by contrast, pointed out that Trump’s own FBI director, Christopher Wray, has said there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Biden agreed he would not declare victory until the election was certified.”This is all about trying to dissuade people from voting, because he is trying to scare people into thinking that it’s not going to be legitimate. Show up and vote. You will determine the outcome of the election.

Vote, vote, vote,” Biden said. “If you’re able to vote early in your state, vote early. If you are able to vote in person, vote in person. Vote whatever way is the best way for you. … He cannot stop you from being able to determine the outcome of this election.””He can’t stay in power,” Biden added. “It won’t happen.”

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