“Whatever he wanted, his mother gave to him. A car. A job. One could say he was spoiled.“She gave Qaw’mane life, and it was his choice to take it way from her,” Judge Sacks told the court yesterday.

When asked if he had anything to say before Sacks made his ruling, He said” “I just want to say, nobody loved my mother more than me,” he said. “She was all I had. That’s it.”

He showed off puppies he purchased for $1,500, a new collection of Air Jordans, as well as guns, marijuana and gold chains, DNAinfo Chicago reported. He filmed a music video for a rap song, which he uploaded to his 108,000 YouTube subscribers. He started a new YouTube show called “The Nick Story,” described as a “family drama.” And in videos and selfies, he flaunted the new Mustang and flashy watches. He withdrew nearly $70,000 from his mother’s accounts in the months after her death, the Sun-Times reported.

“He gained access to her wealth and whatever she had,” Tia Bouvi’a, who also worked with Holmes at the salon, told DNAinfo. “You just don’t start to splurge immediately after your mother was murdered.”