Victoria Inyama – 70% of Peter Obi’s supporters are “Obidiots” and “Zombidients.”

When responding to a post uploaded on Instagram by well-known on-air personality Daddy Freeze, the movie star made this statement.

On August 31, 2022, Daddy Freeze posted on his Instagram page and divided the supporter base of the presidential candidate into three groups.

Victoria Inyama says 70% of Peter Obi’s fans are ‘Zombidients’ and ‘Obidiots’

“Supporters of Peter Obi can be divided into three primary categories: 1: Obidients: Amazing men who fervently support him and comprehend his ideas 2: Zombidients: As implied by their name, these individuals just blindly follow Obi “He composed.

“3. Obidiots: A group of touts and louts that are waiting in the shadows online and offline to pounce and harm anyone who doesn’t support Obi. Which category do you come under? ~FRZ.”

Inyama then posted a comment on the article, where she blasted the supporters of the politician.

“Major 70% are at positions 2 and 3. Ask what they are supporting him for and no clue 😂😂😂😂,” she tweeted.

Victoria Inyama says 70% of Peter Obi's fans are 'Zombidients' and 'Obidiots'

Many people have been supportive of Obi’s candidacy, notably some of your favorite celebrities.

Since the election campaign got underway, a number of Nigerian celebrities have spoken out on their preferences as well as the engagement of the general public in the upcoming elections.

Nigerian comedian Okey Bakassi stated in July that up until the election of Buhari, his love for the nation was unadulterated.

“Under the Buhari administration, I lost my “virginity”—yes, my love for Nigerians was undivided and pure until Buhari’s misfortunes struck us in 2015. My beloved country is no longer recognizable to me “Tweeted he.

The comedian has never concealed his displeasure with the manner in which the current administration has conducted itself the affairs of the nation.

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