Women who are single might be content and fulfilled.

Women who are single might be content and fulfilled.

In the past, being a single lady earned a terrible reputation, but not today.

When I was a little child, our next-door neighbor was a 40-year-old single woman who was also my mother’s age.

Despite being single, she didn’t seem to live an unfulfilled existence; rather, she appeared to be very content. I recall asking my mother why she was single and why she appeared to be so content. My mother reprimanded me, saying that I shouldn’t ever discuss being single and that her seeming happiness might as well be a façade.

Women who are single might be content and fulfilled.

I don’t remember where Aunty Janet worked, but I remember visiting her house frequently and being in awe of how lovely it was. She always wore stylish black suits. She was never alone because she frequently hosted family and friends.

In an ironic turn of events, Aunt Jane’s best friend got hitched and then separated a few years later due to marital problems. I’d say Aunty Jane got the better of the deal, if you ask me.

Is it an issue of settling or of being in love? Do you feel pressure from society to get married before you’re ready?

Some people find love and their soul mate quite early in life, while others do not, and the more they look, the less they find the perfect person, the more they elude them, but that shouldn’t make them any less happy.

Women who don’t get married are not just wealthier but also happier, according to Bloomberg. This is because they can climb the corporate ladder more quickly without the added weight of a husband and child.

Raising children requires a lot of physical and mental effort, costs a lot of money, and can take years away from creating a career.

Wives and mothers may put other people’s needs ahead of their own, feeling sad and resentful as a result. Wives and mothers also have expectations from their husbands.

Women who are single might be content and fulfilled.

When using their money and income to take care of (just) themselves, single women can travel without restriction and live life to the utmost.

Not to mention the additional benefit of sparing their bodies the strain of childbirth.

Loneliness and isolation are not the same thing. Even married mothers and wives desire it, so solitude is not necessarily a negative thing.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine, 49-year-old American actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who has never been married, stated, “Being content to be single is sometimes misinterpreted as not wanting to be in a relationship. I want to date, of course, but how am I going to go about it? Do you mope around the entire time I’m not [in one]?” Ross disputed. “No. I’m going to fully live my life right now, where I am, and I’m going to be content.”

The Blackish star claimed, “Our society spoon-feeds it to you.” “I used to go to sleep dreaming of being married, and I still adore everything about it, but what am I going to do, wait around? Be quiet. I have a ton of things to do.”

Since Mr. Right hasn’t materialized, many single, married women today, including Ini Edo and Naomi Campbell, choose surrogacy.

I often reflect on Aunty Janet because she represents the idea that while having friends and family around is important, finding fulfillment in a partner, getting married, or having kids is not.

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